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Statistics is  a young discipline with several different and competing paths in its approaches and foundations. This workshop aims to bring together experts who are committed to the development of bridges between the three major approaches towards statistical inference, namely, Bayesian, frequentist and fiducial (BFF), with the aim of developing a firm foundation for the challenges of statistical inference in our data centric world.  


Over the last eight years, BFF meetings have served as a venue for researchers and practitioners to share ideas, update research progress, highlight important open problems in both theory and implementation, and most importantly discuss future directions of such research.

Previous iterations of the BFF have taken place at Duke University (BFF6), University of Michigan (BFF5), Harvard University (BFF4), Rutgers University (BFF3), and East China Normal University (BFF1 & BFF2). 

This edition of the conference will focus is on  methodological, computational and ethical principles of data science.

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May 5, 2022 |One-Day Workshop | Click Below To Learn More

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