Full Name
Dr. Berge Englert
Job Title
Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore
Speaker Bio
Berge Englert is a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore. He is a theoretical physicist whose research touches on many facets of quantum physics, from atomic structure and quantum optics to many-particle physics and quantum information. He appreciates Bayesian methods for drawing inference from the profoundly statistical data acquired in quantum experiments. His publications include a series of undergraduate textbooks on core physics.
Session Topic
Evidence in Quantum Data
Session Abstract
The data acquired in quantum experiments are unavoidably
affected by statistical fluctuations and, therefore, the
interpretation of the data must rely on methods from statistics.
While confidence intervals and p-values are routinely reported,
this practice is questionable. Bayesian concepts, instead,
fit naturally to quantum data as the notion of probability in
quantum physics is Bayesian. This talk deals with the Bayesian
notion of what constitutes evidence in favor of, or against, a
hypothesis, and how this enables us to draw reliable inference.
Berge Englert